About the Artist

I am a professional Artist in Fine Art, who graduated with a BA Honours degree  at the Middlesex University in 2018  and lives  near London, England. with my Husband and my Daughter.

​My interest is to try new materials and textures by experimenting with varying combinations to develop my skills with   multiple mixed medium,   in my paintings  & projects. , such as acrylic, oil, watercolour,  fabric and paper, collage, recycle stuff, and found objects  installation etc.  As my recent commission passing, I could do Cityscape ,  landscape fantasy , and abstract roses for colours abstract.  

My  other  interest  got  me inspired in creating  mine and  my Bridesmaids  Bouquets  including  our Wedding  Table  decorations  for our wedding that took place in  Aug 2019  -this got me to  start my  associate  Louisa -May Florist .

You can find out about all my Qualifications I have got  my hovering over my photo   or if you want to contact me you can hover over the about tab and then click on contact.

Fine  Artist/Blogger

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