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Finished Projects

Fantasy Czech Republic is painted on 20x30 inch (50x72cm) canvas and painted with fun poster and Acrylic paints
Includes castle with Czech republic flag and mythical creature- the
half man half horse (centaur),Dragons ,half deer half dragon (Chinese Bestiary), Wolf on the mountain , a mermaid ,my partners colleague Granddaughter climbing a Mountain unicorns a water reflection , and trees
inspired by Sheffield
On a 16x24 stretched canvas
Sheffield and the children’s charity logo was created by drawing and then painting with black Acrylic paint.

The writing Heart of steal book signing event 2019 was written and then painted with red Acrylic paint.

The logo next to the word 2019 was drawn and then the black Acrylic paint was watered down to make it light grey.
@ loughton April 2019
3D Tattoo Rose made out of Acrylic Paints on A3 Paper and then improved in Photoshop (Loughton 2018)
Christmas Tree topper for my househo
Friends Tree Topper commission The star is made out of sliver paper and for the holder, I used cardboard tubes and I used Dowel wood as an Armature to hold paper shell together. (December 2018 in loughton)
The star is made out of gold paper and for the holder, I used cardboard tubes and I used Dowel wood as an Armature to hold paper shell together (December 2018 in loughton)
Theses will be available again September 2019
Easter Banner-created by plastic tree my daughter teddies and little spring/easter objects made out of plastic (March 2018)
old Website Banner-Line Drawing Bold Sketch made using felt tip on A4 Paper
Untitled-Felt liner pen, blend with water on A4 paper, of drawing collages. (2010)
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Here I started by sketching my next commission it onto the 24x12 (30x60 cm)canvas
Next I work on the writing and then paint it (inspired by the town of Sheffield)
it’s a working progress
inspired by the town of Sheffield)- Sketched with charcoal pencils onto A3 pages (Draft 1)
This is my commissioned approved ske
Sketch trial realism Eye
sketch of monster devolving the eye
My impressionism of my daughters Fir
Daughter age 3
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The Sate of Art show
March 2018 @ the Nunnery Gallery At Bow Church
(The Value of Trash Art- two picture frames stuffed with 1 supermarket bag and one black bag)
ODS (Our Degree Show)
May 2018 @ Middlesex University
(Landfill)-plaster combine with my rubbish
Year 2 end of year show exhibition - Untitled -6,3M of White Cotton Sheets -painted with black matt Paint and black Birds made out of Paper with added sound (See on my youtube channel) (April 2015)
Untitled Exhibition @ Middlesex University November 2017
LifeWorks Hub exhibition/fair Exhibited Various of Mixed Media Projects (LifeWorks Creative Drama Centre Loughton Methodist Church September 2018)
Events Day 2018-March 2018 at Middlesex University (Materials Varity of personal items , an open suitcase ,and plastic lids from storage boxes.
ODS (Our Degree Show)
May 2018 @ Middlesex University
(Landfill)-plaster combine with my rubbish (Close up)
Free Range June 2018 @ The Truman Brewery- Out with the old and In with the new (Throwing my depression away and starting an fresh new life-plaster combine with my rubbish broken down with Hammer
Live Performance can be found in the Sonic art section of the Gallery or on you tube by clicking on go to link
Year 2 Events Week & Islington Arts Factory exhibition - Untitled-6,3M of White Cotton Sheets -painted with black matt Paint . (February 2015)
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